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Wills and Trusts, Avoid Probate. Oh, My!
A Soirée of Estate Planning Education and Fun!

What is a Soirée for Estate Planning Education? It's a party that focuses on educating people about this important area of law that can give families peace of mind. All while having a good time!

Wills and Trusts: Every Soirée is a hosted, invitation-only event where our law firm will give the host and their invited family and friends a lot of valuable information on drafting a will, when to create a trust (and how to create generational wealth with it!), and various ways to pass down a lifetime of assets with a minimum of difficulties. We will discuss other critical legal documents that are designed to protect financial interests and obligations and to ensure health care decisions are respected should major illness or incapacity occur. 

Avoid Probate: Finally, we will also explain why proper estate planning can save families time, money, and headaches by keeping loved ones out of probate court while they are hurting. 

Oh, My! Did we mention that we might have games? Well, we will definitely have door prizes, drinks, and tasty treats? And for just attending the Soirée, we provide each person several different opportunities to save money when they choose to create their own unique estate plan with us. Plus, the Soirée host has those same opportunities to create an estate plan for themselves -- or as a gift for someone else -- at even greater savings because there is an additional bonus for each host who creates their estate plan with us. Contact us to schedule your own Soirée!

Welcome to Adulting ~ Let's Estate Plan! 
An Estate Planning
Soirée for Young Adults 

Who doesn’t like a party with games, door prizes, drinks, and tasty treats? Well, that’s what an Estate Planning Soirée is! But it’s one specially designed to focus on an area of law that few young adults think about, mostly because they don’t believe they have an "estate" to leave to anyone. That may be true in the traditional sense of the word estate, but estate planning is so much more than just writing a will or making a list for giving away all your stuff. Today, estate planning involves making decisions that safeguard wishes and desires regarding finances, health care, and possessions if you are ever unable to do so yourself. During the Soirée, the Host and their invited guests will have a good time while also receiving lots of valuable information on drafting a will, when (and why) to create a trust, the importance of different documents that ensure that your wishes and desires are honored if the need arises, and why proper estate planning – even at the age of 18 to 30 – can bring you and your family peace of mind. And for attending the Soirée, we provide each person several opportunities to save money on creating their own unique estate plan. Plus, the Soirée host will have even more chances to create their own estate plan at greater savings. Contact us today to schedule your own Estate Planning Soirée for Young Adults!

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